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Do you want to improve your production, increase capacity or completely (re) arrange it? With over 10 years of experience in the international food processing market, IB Food-Machines is your partner!

Our experts come from practice, they look objectively where the most profit can be made. Sometimes a simple setting on the machine is sufficient.Improve your production? Increase or (re)organize your production?

Other times it is advisable to install another machine that fits better in the production line. Together we look for the best solution to improve your production and increase turnover.

Because different shipments of fish have different qualities, we also offer service contracts where we regularly check the settings of the production machines, read more about our service contracts here.

In addition to yield, safety is also of paramount importance to us. Various machines are available that greatly increase the safety for your employees, but do not decrease the production capacity, take a look at the safe BladeStop band saw.

But our service goes further, besides providing advice, we provide complete solutions. With our worldwide network we are able to provide you with the best machines. This allows you to achieve the highest possible return without sacrificing quality and safety.

Would you like to know more about our consultant services or do you want to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists, please contact us!

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