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BladeStop is part of the New Zealand engineering firm SCOTT. Since 1997, SCOTT has focused on the development of machines for various applications and fields. As of 2016, BladeStop is an appropriate extension of SCOTT's growing range of meat processing applications. With the safe BladStop band saw the company focuses on improving safety, efficiency and yield.

With hundreds of installations worldwide, the safe BladeStop is fast becoming the industrial band saw of choice!



BladeStop the safe band saw!

BladeStop the safe band saw!

When operating a band saw, the risk of a permanent injury accident is very high. On a regular band saw, the sharp fast rotating saw is unprotected. This is necessary to be able to feed and saw the product. This creates a risk for your employees to come in contact with the bandsaw, and for example lose one or more fingers. But not with the safe BladeStop!

The BladeStop still has sufficient throughput height. But the band saw can no longer come into contact with the operator, due to the two detection methods. This allows production to continue without major modification, but operator safety has improved tremendously!



BladeStop's safety measures ensure that the saw is stopped mechanically within milliseconds. This is the difference between an amputation of fingers and a shallow cut.

BladeStop the safe band saw!

The GloveCheck detects via a camera above the saw that the glove of the operator enters the risk area, the safety system ensures that the band saw is stopped. In addition of the GloveCeck, there must be a connection between the machine and the operator. When the circuit is closed, the safety system is triggered and the band saw is stopped immediately.

When the safe BladeStop is stopped by one of the safety measures, the system can be easily restarted and work can be continued without replacing the saw.

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