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IB Food-Machines proudly represents leading brands in the food processing industry. We have various machines available from all brands, both new and overhauled units.
BAADER focuses on providing their customers with a total solution that enables a modern factory to improve its quality and turnover. The company focuses on automation, digitalisation and humanisation and redefining food processing on the basis of reliable technology and sustainable quality.

In order to ensure safe food production and to reduce the risk of serious injury, SCOTT has designed the Bladestop band saw. This saw stops the blade quicker than any other on the market, using body and glove detection.

Hajek has been developing and producing a wide range of machines for half a century now. The company’s strength lies in the collaboration with customers in the development of new equipment.

Due to its decades of experience, Henkelman leads the way in the area of packaging machines, vacuum packaging in particular. Henkelman continually develops its products through technological innovation.

Italian Pack
Italian Pack understands better than anyone that the current technology, production and trade in the food industry faces many challenges. The company tackles these by investigating all facets and developing packaging machines based on results.

Maass is a specialist in slicing salmon. The company is continually developing the technology for cold slicing salmon. Maass delivers highly efficient machines for the production of salmon.

The market leader in technology with a long life span. Mainali is a company that has focused on the food machine sector for more than 30 years, in particular the meat industry.

MULTIVAC is a large and international company, specialised in the production of packaging machines. It builds each machine based on the customer's personal wishes. The company also provides solutions for all sorts of other production needs such as labelling, cutting and the digital monitoring of production processes.

Nord Machinery
Nord Machinery is a Danish brand. The company specialises in developing machines for dosing herbs and salt. It also produces hygiene equipment.

Skaginn 3X
The expert in cooling, freezing and defrosting solutions. It also specialises in food processing systems that are designed to maximise the product quality.

Thompson Meat Machinery is committed to innovation in the area of meat processing machines. Robust, reliable and safe, without making concessions to the yield and life of the machines! Thompson's philosophy is all about designing machines that maximise the production for separate operation fields.

Trio has a strong reputation in the fish processing industry. It owes this to the high quality of its machines. This Norwegian company also invented the process for the mechanical removal of bones from filleted fish.

Watanabe is proud of its reputation as a reliable business partner. With more than 80 years experience in the Japanese market, Watanabe is now entering the European market. Its meat slicing machines are known for their strong construction and high yield, along with their high productivity and energy savings. Watanabe aims always to be true to the needs of customers so that they can offer machines that are geared to the gastronomic and food culture of each individual country.