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Demo centre

Do you want to produce more efficiently, sustainably and profitably? Come and experiment, exchange ideas with specialists and discover which solution best suits your company. You can do this in our new demo centre which was opened in July 2021. The demo centre is over 1200m2 in size and provides enough space to experiment in both wet and dry test areas. The demo centre features machines of every brand we offer. You can find both brand-new high-tech machines and overhauled machines. From skinning machines to herb dosing machines. The product range is wide and complete. Experience it for yourself and ask for a demonstration.

Live set-up

We have set up a comprehensive range of machines which we will be happy to demonstrate to you. But you can also do some testing and fine-tuning yourself so that you can continue to develop your products. A team of experts will be pleased to help you with this. They will take you through the production process step by step. Experience for yourself the latest technology in the area of food processing machines. You can request a demonstration and find out for yourself which machine is most suitable for your production demands.

Try before you buy

We appreciate how important it is for you to make the right decision when it comes to buying a new machine. That is why IB Food-Machines has set up the demo centre. Discover how you can maximise the quality, yield and throughput of your production through experimenting. Bring your own initial product to the demo centre to test out the various machines so you are sure that the machine does what you want. This of course also offers the possibility of further developing your production line and trying out the most efficient machines before making the purchase.