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Baader 603 Separator -


Baader 603 is used for separating raw meat material from waste components such as cartilage, veins, skin and bone.

This machine can refine various raw products: fillet with or without skin, strips of pinbone and trimmings,

A flexible press belt transports the product to a perforated drum and gently squeezes the fish meat through the perforation. The harder particles such as bones, fins and skin remain outside the drum. Baader 603 combines all the advantages of other new generation separators with criteria such as product quality, repair ability, endurance and high hygiene because the use of new technical solutions and quality materials

Capacity: max 2200 kg/hour
Power consumption: 4,0 kW
Dimensions (LxWxH): 1800 x 1080 x 1170 mm
Weight (net/gross): 590/790 kg

Additional Information

SKUBaader 603
Serial numberBaader 603
Motor4,0 kW
Capacitymax 2200 kg/hour
Measurements(LxWxH): 1800 x 1080 x 1170 mm

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