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Gea PowerPak RT Type 3 - Overhauled


This Gea Powerpak RT Skin is completely overhauled and ready to go! This machine comes with 3 forming tools.

The GEA PowerPak ensures that all packages are correctly filled and neatly sealed with the greatest possible reliability. The process parameters, such as heating temperature, compressed air supply, cooling water throughput, vacuum values, process times etc. are constantly monitored and logged. Intuitive operation using pictograms, and easy change of language for the user interface. Faults are displayed in easily comprehensible plain text in the selected language. The personalized, configurable user interface simplifies each operator’s individual access A graded authorization system with reliable access control safeguards operation.

As a result of the modular structure, you can quickly and easily undertake changes and extensions to the machine, to fit in your production line.

All machine surfaces in the loading area are entirely smooth and therefore especially easy to clean. The side panels are easy to hinge for full cleaning access of inside components. Soft key selector switch for cleaning mode (“tools up”) to prevent water damage and condensation water built-up.

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Additional Information

Serial number35600151
Motor21 kW

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